My life as a cosmetology student part 1.

3 years ago

A few months after I graduated highschool, I decided I didn`t want to waste away my life not doing anything. I had been homeschooled, Lost all my friends, and was consumed with laying in my bed all day, babysitting my amazing niece, and thinking about my ex boyfriend every day...with that being said I loved doing hair and makeup. I would be up at 3am just doing makeup for no reason, just to take pictures of just to do it basically. I didn`t have the longest hair ever, but it was pretty and thick. I always wore hair extensions, I got into partying and I decided at the end of the summer I wanted to go to school. COSMETOLOGY!!!! of course ;) what else? I signed up for February 2013 program, giving me enough time to finally get my lisence a car and get everything I needed out of the way.. A month after I got accepted, I shaved my head. Full on shaved. I had not a centimeter of hair. You`re probably all thinking, CRAZY! right? It was pretty crazy, but it was my own personal choice. My uncle had cancer and it was getting bad. My cousin and I both shaved our heads together...To me, worth it. that was In december 2012, today he has a few inches of hair on his head, and a full grown beard he kicked cancers ASS! I wasn`t even thinking what people would think of me as I entered cos school with barely an inch of hair 2 months later..but I didn`t care. until I realized what kind of an impression it gave people. (I`ll get to that later) I`m overweight. I`m fat. You can say it, that word isn`t dangerous. I don`t mind the word, at least. I`m the typical over weight, dark hair dark eyes girl. I didn`t have hair to express myself. and yes, HAIR is how I express myself. and Makeup too. I couldn`t do anything with it! It was insane, it was horrible. but I still had a face and that made it okay. Look forward to part 2 :)

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