My least favourite sample in terms of perfume

3 years ago

You know I love samples to death but when I receveid certain perfume I really can`t stand even the sample size and I ended up with sprizz them to the air!! I know such a waste but I really can`t wear them becuause they make me sick and sad. And these are not even cheap brand...

The travel size are from JLO and Escada and those I pay my mone for them which I think it`s the same for other sample becuase nobody gives you sample if you didn`t purchase

One of the worst perfume that I ever tried is the Martin Margiela one...I don`t believe that anybody can like this but maybe one person in the all world I found it!

Then the Dior J`adore...for this I`m in shocked becasue I actually don`t like any of the Dior perfume wich it`s a shame I know...such an expensive brand that most of the time release some of my fav make up products but in terms of perfume just don`t..

And then the line of Armani Armani code...this smells to me like pure oranges...I don`t know how some of my fav beauty gurus on YT love it and when I receveid the sample at Sephora I was so happy but I ended up hate it...

In the air though THEY ARE AMAZING!! Maybe it`s just the chemistry of my skin...I truly don`t know..

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