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4 years ago

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Okay so here is the story of my lashes. About a while ago, I think about 2-3 months, every night when I removed my makeup I would notice about 1 or 2 lashes falling out. I started to worry because if it went on everyday like that, I would have no lashes! So about a month ago, I started to make changes in my lashes routine. For two days, I tried to change up my mascaras. My everyday mascara is the Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara, so I thought it might have been too harsh so I used the Physician`s Formula Plentifull Mascara, which is a very gentle mascara. It makes almost no difference except it does add a little bit of length and darkness for my lashes. Anyways, when I removed my makeup, I still found 1 or 2 lashes falling off every night. So I have decided to stop curling my lashes, and what do you know, I haven`t had a single lash falling off when I remove my makeup at night even if I use my Maybelline Colossal Mascara (which is my everyday and favorite mascara). Although I don`t have that very dramatic curl to my lashes, I think I am fortunate that I don`t have the normal straight down asian lashes. My eyelashes actually have a bit of a natural curl.
Has this happened to anyone before? Am I over curling my lashes? Is my lash curler bad? (I use the Revlon one)

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