My KONAD haul last week!

4 years ago

Hey luuuxerrs!!! :D :D
I finally got the konad nail art kit with some other goodies!
After coming back from the mall, the first thing i did was to do a nail art! and let me tell you guys that it is super easy to use this kit and is fun moreover this kit reduces the chances of errors.
Secondly, the design which would be stamped on the nail would be accurate, neat and thin which you can definitely not obtain by painting the art and all of the above tis kit is super easy to use! now you dont have to spend alot in the nail salons to get a design painted on your nail or you don`t have to spend hours on painting accurately more complex designs!!
Konad nail art kit makes this process alot easier, accurate, neat and quicker!
So guys i got a Konad "nail art set B" which includes 3 special nailpolishes you can choose and 4 image plates of your choice and it comes with a stamp and a scraper packed in an elegant gift box!
So for the special nailpolishs i picked white, red and silver
and the image plates i chose are m7, m3, m20 and m31 respectively.
The lady at the counter gave me an instruction movie aswell
which explains how to use the nail art kit
Moreover to enhance my nais and to create more complex looks i purchased a top coat which is applied on the nail art for a long lasting wear.
The top coat costs 4.80 dollars
and to make the art more complex and pretty i also purchased this amazing pack of rhinestones!
Easy instructions:
1-Apply base coat using a regular nail polish, clear or coloured.
2-Apply Konal special nail art polish to the desired image on a plate.
3-Scrape across the plate with a scraper to remove the excess polish.
4- Quickly press the stamper onto the plate to pick up the design.
5- Stamp the image on your nail with a gentle rolling motion.
6- For long lasting wear, apply a top coat.

The pics are mine so you may NOT use them!!
follow me for the latest techniques and tips!

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