My JustFab Shoe Boutique: February Option 2

Hey Luuxers! Im back with more of my boutique I know you wanna see it! Lol Every month I show you what options my "personal stylist" picked for me and I want your feedback. Would you wear these? Do you like these? and so on and so forth. Also, if you don`t have the same styles in your boutique you`ll have the name of mine so you can always look them up and find the style and purchase it if you like.

For those of you who aren`t familiar with JustFab, it`s a monthly shoe club that will selects styles for you based on a questionnaire when you sign up. If you don`t like the selections you can request new ones or skip. If by the 5th of each month you don`t like your options or you just aren`t buying any shoes you can opt out and you are not charged. If you don`t opt out your card will be charged and a credit is rewarded for when you do want a shoe. After about 5 of these credits they stop charging your card. They also have jeans which are really fab, handbags and jewelry options all for $39.95.

I have a couple styles and I like them a lot. Not the best in terms of quality but not terrible either, but the pairs I have I get compliments all the time and they have become staples in my wardrobe. (that`s my disclaimer!)

Ok this little lady is Alberta Well I will say what I like about this shoe I think the bow is adorable. It sparkles, its a contrast, it makes me happy. But we all know I dont like bows on the toe so this is not going to be added to my shoe collection. But thats not the main reason My feet, at least I feel they dont look cute in flats. Every time I try on flats it seems like the toe part does not cover my toes causing what I call foot cleavage! Its not that I have fat feet or anything or that the toes are squeezing out no no, I can just usually see the spaces in between my toes. Maybe I should call it toe crack like plumbers crack? Ok bad visual! Lol But you get what Im saying! I do however think the contrast of colors between the bow and the main color are a really cute combo. And I wish I could find a pair of flats that I loved because today would have been perfect for them

This is a sidebar story now I have jury duty today, like right now as I`m typing I actually was driving like a very safe speed demon to get here on time and I did, until I couldnt find the juror parking lot! Once I found it I switched into my business casual shoes (pic2 I`ll put up later) and discovered that I had to walk 4 blocks downhill in 3.5 heels All bad! Could have used a pair of sensible flats today. =)

But anyway. What do you think of Alberta? Do you have a similar pair? What do you like about these? What dont you like about these? Do you know what I mean anout the shoe cleavage thing? lol Let me know your thoughts.

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