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4 years ago

At one point I was going through and sharing my collection section by section. Because I have no many nail polishes, it was semi-easier for me to divide them up by brand. I got side tracked and never finished. To be honest, I`m not entirely sure where I left off. I do know, however, that I never did my Julep collection. I don`t remember if I hadn`t bought any yet or had only received a couple monthly boxes. At this point I have enough that it is worth sharing. This is a part of my collection that is always growing, though, because I receive the monthly boxes. I suppose, really, all the brand areas in my collection continue to grow because I just continue to buy. :- I tried to separate these up by color groups. To keep this post from having a zillion photos, I combined them into collages. If you`d like to see better photos please visit my blog`> Starting with reds (and reddish colors) I have 2 of January. This is because one came in a box and the other, I believe, came in a mystery box. Then there is Caroline, America, O Canada, and Mila. I have done posts on some of these, but not all. I am still working my way through them all. Next are my orange and yellows. I`m not too much of a yellow polish fan, yet many of my boxes end up with a yellow. I will like one of the colors in the box and, undoubtedly, a yellow accompanies it. LOL! These are Ashley, Daisy, Nessa, and Blake. I have the most of the pinks/peach/corals. They really make some lovely feminine colors. These are Niecy, Sarah, Mischa, Georgia, two of Alicia (one of my favorites), Kelly, and Penelope (another beautiful one). While I love dusty greens/blues I feel like Julep makes one every single month. I have gotten a bit irritated with that and am now avoiding them like the plague. These are Portia, Robin, Daphne, Amy, Melanie, and Jessica. I LOVE purple and somehow I only have three from Julep. This is odd. They are Anne, Gayle, and Kylie. There is a very pretty shimmery purple this month in a box, but I don`t think I want it enough to get that box or include it as an add-on. The next group are my dark neutrals. Again, only three. They are Sophie, Leslie, and Brandt. I NEED to wear a couple of these and get posts up on them. I haven`t gotten around to that, though. The final group is my whites/silvers/light neutrals. I have more than I thought I did once I piled them together. They are Kate, Harley, Glenda, Melissa, and Sienna. I have a few fun suede colors coming in my November box, but I won`t receive that for another week. If you want to sign up to receive monthly boxes of Julep polish you can sign up here: or you can go to their site and key in my Invitation Code: 2016168 (You don`t have to, but I`d greatly appreciate it)---They have a couple of promos going on but the best one is still the penny deal for a box. Just key in COLOR2012 at checkout.
-If youd like to see more pictures of these polishes, please visit my blog!
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