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4 years ago

*all pictures belong to me remember to click for better quality (: Recently I shared a post on my /viz/my-vanity-setup-d, which included a brief view of my jewelry display too. I wanted to do a more in-depth post on how I store/display my jewelry because a lot of people seemed to like it! I bought all of these displays recently on Amazon, so I`ll provide all of the links below! . ___ ($8.48) - This is one of the bracelet/watch displays that I bought. I like it because it looks like white leather, so works well with the more colored jewelry pieces that I own. It also looks clean and elegant. It was pretty inexpensive and seems pretty sturdy, but it`s definitely not premium quality or anything. It`s really light, and actually much smaller than I anticipated, but it works well enough :) As you can see, it fits about 13-15 bracelets/watches, and it looks nice on my vanity. ___ ($6.19) - This is the other bracelet/watch display that I bought. It`s much like the jewelry displays that I`ve seen on a lot of youtubers channels, and I`m pretty happy with it. The black looks better with my gold jewelry, and also looks elegant and nice on my vanity. Like the white leatherette one above, it was a lot smaller than anticipated and it`s pretty lightweight, but seems sturdy enough. ___ ($16.00) - This is the display I bought for my necklaces. It looks really pretty on my vanity and it`s actually pretty tall. It has 12 prongs, so can hold up to 12 necklaces, but I`m sure you can put more than 1 necklace on one prong. Although I have to wrap my longer necklaces around the prongs a couple times, I think it works well. I love how it`s clear so I can see all of my necklaces easily. The BIG downside of the display is that there is no door to open it from the side. Because the prongs that hold the necklaces are attached to the top, you have to lift the entire thing to get one of the necklaces out :T It also doesn`t turn, so you have to manually do everything :( In my opinion, it`s only good for display, but I don`t mind it. If you`re like me and don`t wear necklaces every single day, it will work nicely enough for you. ___ ($13.99) - This is the drawer container that I bought to store my rings, earrings, and miscellaneous jewelry pieces. If you wanted, you could probably use it to store some makeup. It`s pretty lightweight, but seems like it`ll be sturdy enough. The drawers don`t open and close too smoothly, but it`s alright for me. It`s simple and clean, and I love how you can see everything from the outside :) . That`s everything for my jewelry display! I hope you enjoyed it and found some things that you might like! If you have any questions or comments, leave them down for me below :) As always, feel free to rate, add me as a friend, and follow me <3

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