My Jewelmint Metal Mosaic Ring!

5 years ago

Jewelmint is breaking the bank accounts of girls all across America. For you international folk, just wait until Jewelmint starts shipping to your countries (;

I posted a big Jewelmint Haul back in December. READ HERE (if you`re interested): Those were just my initial impressions. Now that I`ve actually worn the pieces a few times, my thoughts about them have changed.

This is <strong>Jewelmint`s Metal Mosaic Ring.</strong> I just checked and as of now and it is <strong>currently SOLD OUT.</strong> But don`t worry, the thing with Jewelmint is the pieces almost always make a comeback.

I was really bothered by the fit of this ring when I first got it, but with upper-knuckle rings becoming one of the latest trends recently, I actually don`t mind the loose fit as much anymore. I purchase this in a size 6; my usual ring size, but it feels more like a 7 or 8 to me. I use my hands a lot when I`m talking, so especially for days when I know I`ll be talking in front of crowd, I don`t wear this ring; out of fear that it will slip off my fingers and hit someone in the eye! However, it has not actually slipped off my fingers yet, but it does feel like it will.

The quality of it is pretty good. It`s not too heavy, but not extremely light either. I like the design of it with these clusters of squares. It just looks really interesting and does serve as a good conversation starter. It is a relatively simple ring, so I like pairing it with other rings, but it does look nice on its own. This piece looks great with any outfit, so I don`t have a particular way of styling it. <strong>The versatility of it is definitely a plus!</strong>

I would recommend this if you have a coupon code. There is almost always a coupon code out, and your first purchase is usually 50% off with a first-timers` coupon code.
<strong>Please join through my invite link if you`re interested:

MY DIRTY LITTLE SECRET:</strong> If you do join through my invite link, I will receive one credit for a free piece after you make your first purchase. Don`t hate, you can`t blame a girl for trying? (; But I have included the link to this ring in the source link, which doesn`t do anything for me, it`ll just make it easier for you because sometimes not all Jewelmint pieces will show up in your showroom, even if you click "show me more".

<strong> Have you purchased any pieces off Jewelmint? Share your thoughts below!


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