My Jello has style too...

So I clearly had fun at Marshall`s today! With our ever changing weather I thought Jello needed a new jacket. Not that he wants to wear any of the other ones that he already owns at the appropriate time... like when i take him for his nightly walk... but hey, it was pretty awesome. So they had several but I picked what I have deemed his favorite color... red. And it it is a quilted puffy jacket with a detachable hood that has fur trim. How adorable right?

Ok so the the best part was his reaction when I showed it to him. It went like this... I took it out the bag and showed it to him... (now refer to pictures) he ran up to me, grabbed it, ran away with it then would not give it back. When I finally distracted him long enough to get it back, I fought to get it on him, but he didn`t want to wear it ( See the uncomfortable stance, haha) Then finally when he realized it wasn`t coming off until I was done with the photo shoot and began to pose! I think we got some great shots, and finally he turned his back on me, and gave me the look, that said, I`m about done. So I took it off, he stole it again and then I gave him a treat and stole it back. Bonus pic... Jello wearing the hood... he hated it!

Does your doggie like his pet fashion?
No doggie, then please let me know you enjoyed the cuteness!

***Images are my own, no stealing the cuteness.***

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