My Jason Wu haul sale

Hey guys! Well for the last Maybe 3 to 4 days I been really sick , so I haven`t really done anything but be in bed watching TV, then this really cute commercials kept coming on with a cute little black cat. After seeing it 2or3 more times I stop looking at the cat and seen that Jason Wu was in the commercials to lol. So then I was really happy to find out his line was coming to Target i looked it up right way, because I needed to find out what Target it was going to be at.

I don`t know about you guys but we (THE VEALLY )have a lot Target around us but the Jason Wu for Target Line was only going to be at the really big Target, and that was fine
with me because I knew sick or not I was going to be in the line in the am to get something from Target!! So don`t forget Im still really sick and taking a lot of med so last night I don`t know if I made all of this up went to sleep .

The next day OMG I didn`t wake up till 9 and I knew Jason Wu line would be all gone because I live next to biggest mall and that where the Target is so there was no way. So I get online hoping would have something but no it`s all sold out. Now I`m really sad because this is only line I try to get I didn`t go when they had the Missoni for Target but I just had to get something from the Jason Wu line . Anyhow Chris get on line

to find out where all the Target are that was selling the line after seeing all of them was sold out but 3 I was up and ready to go. I went to a Target less the 10 min for Me to find they had some item in but not my size so I got mom something because it would fit her as I was walking to pay I saw one Jason Wu handbag. It was like luck the last one just for me lol now I`m really happy and wanted to try another Target so we go to one 30min away where we knew the people would not care if this new line was there or not and guess what I hit the jack pot!!!!!

They still had a lot but no more handbags .. So this is what I got for myself .

Navy Poplin Dress
Long-Sleeve Sheer Blouse
Pleated Skirt in Navy
Straw Classic Front-Flap bag

If you didn`t get anything from the line and would like to have something Im selling somethings on eBay
go to source ..

pic by me

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