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5 years ago

*this picture is just a screen shot of my phone, so yes it is my picture*
A couple of months ago I made a post about getting a new phone and 2 months ago I actually got the new phone I wanted, and Iphone 4s. I have to say that it is a really good phone but I personally dont like it. I cant ever use it because everything I do on it uses data and as you van tell by the picture I have verizon as my phone supplier and verizon doesn`t have unlimited data. Pretty much my phone is useless. I have actually decided that in June, im going to take my mom`s upgrade and get a regular slide keyboard phone because that will only be 10 dollars a month compared to the 50 dollars a month I`m spending on a phone I`m not even using. I think the Iphone is good when your using it as an iPod or texting/calling, but since i cant use it the way its meant to be used then it is the worst phone to have.

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