My iPad 3!

Thats right, I got an iPad 3! I pre-ordered it the day it became available on Apple`s website and just received it on Friday which is the day it was officially released.

I`m so happy I got it! And was able to preorder it. I`ve been anticipating the launch of this baby for a while. I suspected that on the 7th they were going to announce it and make it available for preorder and sure enough, when I went to the Apple online store they were "updating" the store and I knew they were going to be putting it up for preorder. I had to stalk the store online for HOURS because once it was finally done updating and it was up for sale, everybody was on the site, making it EXTREMELY slow (much like how that happens here on Luuux). But finally I was able to order it and it was such a sweet victory!

Theres not much difference between the iPad 3 and the iPad 2 other than a better display resolution, voice dictation, and a better camera. But I figured, I waited long enough to get it, I`m going to just order the new one.

I ordered the white iPad 16GB with WiFi. I opted out of spending another fortune to get the 4G because its around $200 more and its just not worth it to me when theres millions of places now that offer free WiFi anyways.

So far, I`m very impressed. One app that I was dying to try out is the "Bright House Networks" app. It allows you to watch TV from anywhere in your home. This is great for me because I only have a TV in my living room so when I want to lay in bed and watch a movie, I can`t. But now I can! The quality is amazing. Its HD which is better quality than my own TV! And the app is completely free as long as you already have cable service with Bright House! Makes it 10x better!

I can`t wait to start reading some books on my iPad either. I`m always forgetting my books at home and regret it but because I`ll pretty much be taking my iPad everywhere I go (like to school or on trips) I`ll always have something to read.

My advice is, if you want an iPad and have the money, go for it. Its really neat. I know a lot of people say its just a big iPod or whatever but I don`t think so. Its a really cool and handy gadget to own.

If you have any questions, let me know!

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