My Husband`s 1st Thrift Store Haul !

5 years ago

Thrifting is so much fun and addicting I even got my husband into it! My husband used to be a total snob when it came to thrifting but his opinion completely changed after this weekend`s thrift store shopping.

My husband hit the jackpot when he found a really nice blue button down dress shirt by YSL for only 99 cents! He had no idea who or what YSL is but I assured him that the shirt he was holding retails for approximately $300-$500. You should of seen his face?! lol. I guess he had no idea you could find such gems at a thrift store.

In the end, he walked out with 9 really nice button down dress shirts! All of them look brand new. And all of them where less than $2! Score!

For fun I decided to research the retail prices for these items (if purchased new), just to see how much he saved.

His finds:

Plaid Teal Shirt by Eighty Eight
Gray and blue plaid shirt (tag taken off)
Lilac shirt by Geoffrey Bean
Kirkland Lilac and pink dress shirt
Blue and white striped Dress shirt by Puritan
Dark gray striped shirt by Van Huesen
Plum and green striped dress shirt by Wrangler
Light Green Dress Shirt by Damon
Blue Dress shirt by Yves Saint Laurent

He is really excited about his new purchases. he had been wanting to add some color into his wardrobe so this was the perfect opportunity.

9 dress shirts for less than $20! That`s way less than the price of one! Most of the shirts he found where brands we had never heard of but we don`t care about brands as long as they look good. lol.

So I guess the reason why I decided to share my husband`s thrift store finds with you is so you can show this post to your significant other and maybe this will convince them to go thrifting with you. Also, I do know that although the majority of people who read my posts are females, there are a few males as well. =)

Do you love to thrift?

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