My homemade mashed potatoes

Alright so this recipe all depends on how your family eats either healthy or sort of healthy an average family has a mother a father and a son and daughter well thats what i think a perfect family is but if its just for 1,2,or 3, or ever 15 you have to know how much each serving should be so if each person would eat one potatoe you put one potatoe plus maybe one....maybe! SORRY if I`m just going on and on about this :) okay let`s start now. Okay so lets say we are cooking for three you will need 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Just for left overs okay so peel your potatoes wash them boil them in chicken both just to give them flavor oh but to make your potatoes cook faster cut them up into thirds and remember you can`t over cook potatoes just when ever they are soft enough for your fork to go through them. okay when they are done drain the water leaving just a little if needed no make them more watery I guess but you shouldn`t need it okay put the potatoes in a bowl and smash them with a whisk to make them fluffy or a fork will do. Now get a half a cup of milk, 2 tbl spoons of heavy/sour cream and 4-6 tbl spoons of butter warm those things in a sauce pan but not to a boil just until its all hot or until the butter is melted then pour slowly into the potatoes little by little bc you don`t want them too mushy and add as much salt and pepper as you need and there you go you have homemade mashed potatoes. There not special but they are good. :)

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