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I guess I`ve just been lazy but I have been skipping the 2nd step of the 3-step skincare regimen for the longest time in my life. When I used to be Proactive for my acne I was used to cleansing, toning, and then moisturizing in that order. Ever since I got off that system I just didn`t feel the need to use toner on my face. I just usually wash and then moisturize. Yeah this is a mistake. I see how important toning the skin is now. I`ve never been happy with my skin tone because I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation and various scars from acne, thus leaving me with no such thing as even-toned skin. My skin also always look grey and dull, no brightness.

I`m reviewing the Clearskin Blackhead Eliminating Daily Astringent. I finally decided to implement the use of a toner back into my skincare routine. I ordered this blue astringent/toner from Avon online because it was on sale for $3.49. This toner is part of their ClearSkin line. The reviews were very positive so I decided to give it a shot. Before I go on, I have to clarify the difference between a toner and an astringent. A toner usually has less alcohol by volume than an astringent, and hence is more gentle on the skin. This is actually an astringent, so it could irritate your skin if you have sensitive skin. I will be calling it a toner just bc I don`t want to type "astringent" every time lol.

My first day of using this toner, I saw what a lifesaver this was. After applying with a cotton ball to my entire face and neck, my skin looked more smooth, and my pores looked smaller! BEST of all, my skintone looked naturally healthy. My skin felt a lot more hydrated as well.

You can always tell how well a toner cleans when you look down at all the residue your cotton ball collected from your pores. EWWW...I didn`t my skin was so dirty even AFTER cleansing.

Within 1 week of using this, my skin-tone improved so much I could literally walk out the door wearing no makeup if I felt like it. I have to say that it`s very strong and might burn your face a little at first, but the results are worth it? As far as treating acne/pimples, it cleared them up pretty fast.

1 word of caution--Don`t over-apply this because you will see/feel a tacky film develop over you face and you could break out even worse.

These are my honest opinions. *Pictures are taken by me*

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