My Healthy Take on Chinese Take-Out

4 years ago

I hope I am not boring you with all my recent food posts. I promise to have some variation soon. However, I usually post about what currently inspires me. Sometimes it`s fashion, other days it`s makeup, these past few days it`s been cooking. I guess I have my husband to thank for that. He`s always complimented me on my cooking even from the very beginning of our marriage when we both knew my meals were barely edible. But somehow, over the past 4 and half years that we have been married I have actually learned to cook, quite well I should add (I hope I am not sounding cocky, cause I am not), 99% of the time the meals I prepare are actually decent. I guess years of watching the Food network and printing out recipes from online paid off. I am still learning of course, but practice makes perfect. I am still far from perfect, but hearing so many people (friends, family, hubby) tell me they love my cooking gives me such confidence to always experiment with foods. Which brings me back to something I mentioned in a post the other day, validation is highly important. One nice comment you give to someone can be so powerful you wouldn`t believe it.

These past few days I have been very busy taking good care of my puppies. Romeo is 100% better but the other two (Max & Audrey) just started showing symptoms yesterday (they are doing better too though). Being busy taking care of sick puppies leaves me little time for cooking. So fast and easy meals are all I can prepare these days, but we all know that most fast and easy meals are not always the healthiest. But I made sure the meal I was to prepare would be as healthy as can be.

When I have no idea what I want to prepare for dinner I stare into my fridge for a good minute or so until an idea pops up (do any of you do that?). I had already been defrosting a chicken breast since that morning (this was made yesterday btw) so I knew that the main dish would be chicken. But rather than my usual grilled chicken I wanted to try something different. So I pulled out a bottle of Trader Joes sweet chilli sauce, some pepper flakes, and some greens.

I cut the chicken breast into a few bite size pieces, coated them with garlic salt, garlic pepper, black pepper and a dash of sea salt and into the pan they went with a teaspoon of olive oil.

Once the chicken was fully cooked I added snow peas, a handful of spinach, some pepper flakes, a dash of dried basil and of course a little over half the bottle of Sweet Chilli sauce.

I let all the ingredients cook together for a few more minutes while meanwhile I reheated left over brown rice.

My husband and I really enjoyed our Asian inspired meal. It was sweet yet spicy and absolutely delicious. I can`t take full credit for this meal though....the sauce was the star.

If you are interested in how I prepared this meal I may be adding this to my new cooking blog within the next few days:

Have you ever tried Trader Joe`s sweet chilli sauce?

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