My hair story of 2011, how i ruined my hair

hey luuxers,
i was sat today contemplating changing my hair colour, i then was immediatly put off when my described the disaster which was my hair of 2011, so i thought i would share my story with you all.
at the start of 2011 i had dark blonde hair dyed slightly lighter than my light brown hair, i then decided to go red as everyone was doing put it went too orangy and i hated it i put up with it for a while as i used to pride myself on my hair it was my best feature. finally i had enough of orangy/red hair so decided to try and go light blonde which is where my problems started. i first went ahead and put a small bottle of bleach and pouch of bleach powder on my hair and left it too develop for an hour i was left with yellow roots. orange midlenthgs and red ends. So i went ahead and over the course of the day used 7 yes you read right pottles of peroxide bleach on my hair, after i had finished with that i had yellow very damaged hair but determined to have blonde hair i used an xxl bleach blonde hair dye which just left my hair even more yellow so i then used a highlight kit (i know im stupid had no idea what i was doing or thinking) my hair was a fried mess ( i did all this in 2 days) i had a hairdresser come to my house and even through the tears i had my nearly waist lenght hair cut off into a shoulder lenght bob ( i had well and truley learnt my lesson she put a medium brown hair dye on to cover the mess and warned me not to do anything else to it as it was still abit damaged, i kept it that way for a few months and in a moment of madness went back red and was very happy with it for a few weeks. before i dyed my hair natural darkest brown which is the colour i saw into the new year. my hair is finally starting to feel like hair again and is only just grown past my shoulders but its getting there.
i will go back blonde one day (profetionally done of course lol ) but not until my hairs abit longer and healthier so for the time being i will stick to my dark brown hair and extension.
just dont make the same mistake i did dount alot of people would tho lol.
comment below of youve had a similar problem or would just like to say something i will answer any questions :)

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