My Hair Routine and Everyday hair do`s

5 years ago

Hello Girls!
Many people asked me already about what I do to my hair, how I take care of it, etc. so I tought it would be interesting to share with you my own routine and hairdo`s I usually make.
So to start, I have to explain you this: my hair is just a bit bellow my shoulder, I had it longer, but I cuted it last week, and I intend to make it grow again, I think that by August it will be the size I want (=, it is brown hair, and kind of wavy (not straight, not curly, and has some days that is very rebbel)
Here is how I take care of it:
1- I wash it 2 by 2 days usually, but I practice swiming, so when I go to the pool I have to wash it right after the class, and the cloro on the pool damages hair... reallym, believe-me!
2- I wash it with a normal shampoo that nourishes hydrates hair, I wont say brands because I switch them a lot... so... =/
Everytime I wash it, I apply conditioner on the ends, speccially when I go to the pool! I apply hair machera on my hair once a week, but once a month I let the maschera stay on my hair much more time!
3- I avoid using hair curlings and straighteners, I just blow dry my hair on the roots, when it`s cold outside and I have to go outside and I dont like going out with wet hair... and even when I do it I use a heat protector.
4- I use nivea curls number 2, its a cream leave in, that helps me to define my waves...
5- once a week at night, I apply a hair oil on my ends to prevent double ends, and in the morning I wash my hair like usually.
6- I usually sleep with my hair on braids because it prevents my hair from creating tangles on the night, it saves-me time on the morning, and in the morning I have cute waves on my hair which I like a lot =)

Obviously I`m a girly girl and I love to do something cute to may hair, so I watch a lot of hair tutorials on youtube, but... I dont have fairy hands in terms of hairing myself... so I stick with something more basic like a knoting bun, a waterfall braid(I took so long to actually could do it on my hair), a side braid, a fish tail braid and the always easy pony tail =)

Hope this helped you, I had been a lot of routines, and it took me a while to understand what worked for me, so I did this because I know that knowing what other people do can help us to find our own routine...

text by me, image from source link =)

(you can find how I have my hair on other posts of myself, I have post of my hair and outfits and you can see it =) )

good night sweeties*

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