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5 years ago

I got a new bookshelf and since I didn`t have a place to put my hair products, I decided to put it in there. I would give a description or review for each product, but it`s a little too much to do for each individual product so I`ll just tell you about my favorite ones. Some of them I`ve already reviewed, but I`ll make review them again really briefly. Btw, my favorites or the ones that I use most often are in the front.

- Loreal Kids Tangle Tamer: it`s a great detangler that I spray after my shower before I comb out my hair. It helps detangle really well and it smells amazing. :) I`m almost done with it and I hardly ever finish anything so I must like it a lot.

- TRESemme Heat Protectant: It`s my go-to heat protectant when I use heat on my hair. I don`t use heat on my hair that often so I don`t use it too much, but I do like it.

- Herbal Essences Split End Protector: I use this after my shower and it keeps my hair soft. I`m not sure if it actually protects my hair from getting split ends, but it does seem to make my hair feeling healthier.

- Organix Split End Mender: I use this most often and I usually use it instead of the herbal essences one talked about above. It smells like coconuts & vanilla. Obviously you can`t mend a split end, but it does seem to make my hair softer and healthier feeling.

- Organix morrocan argan oil: I use this about once every week or two weeks and leave it in for about an hour, even though it says less. I use it as a deep conditioner and it keeps my hair feeling healthier and not as dry.

- got2b smooth operator lustre lotion: I use this on dry hair in the morning when I have my usual straight hair to keep it straighter and less frizzy. It says it`s also a heat protectant, but I don`t know about that. It smells amazing. The one pictured is actually my second bottle so I use this stuff a lot and I really like it a lot. :)

- Aussie mega hairspray: This is my favorite hairspray out of the ones that I`ve tried. It doesn`t make my hair hard or crunchy unless I spray a lot in one area. The other hairsprays that I have seem to make it hard and they don`t smell as good. This aussie one smells like grapes kind of.

- Sun In: I use this about once every week or two weeks when I blow dry my hair instead of the usual air dry. It lightens my hair gradually, which I kind of like. My friend used this product first and I liked how her hair looked so I decided to buy it. My hair does seem a little more brown now. It says it`s for blond haired people, but it works for me and I have really dark brown hair. Some people said it dried out their hair and those who had black hair said it made their hair turn orange/red, but neither of those happened for me.

Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them?

*pictures are mine. Sorry, you can`t see the back products, but they`re just some products that I don`t like as much and/or backup shampoos/conditioners or other backup things.

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