My hair Change!

So, this is all about my Blonde-black-blonde hair! Hopefully, it can help you :)

Let me start by saying that when i was little i had amazingly beautiful blonde hair. It has blonde with natural brown/lighter blonde strands. Everyone always said they loved my hair. But when I got older I was tired of the light brown shade it had turned to. it was still beautiful, but boring to me. So, I colored it dark brown. I did that twice, then colored it a red/brown shade. I had that for about 2 1/2 months, then colored it BLACK. Let me say, the shade was `dark brown/black` but the shade came out Jet black. It wasn`t terrible, I liked it, but it was just NOT me. Everyone was telling me it looked bad for quite awhile, and i brushed it off at first.. but then i was believing them. So, I started to take steps to get my blonde back.

What i did was get Vitamin C tablets (about 15), then crush them up, and mix it with head and shoulders shampoo. (You could use any type of clarifying shampoo). Head and Shoulders has a ingredient that actually helps strip hair dye so that is why it is good to use. So, after you crush up your tablets and you now have a mixture of powder, just apply enough head and shoulders so that it turns into a paste type texture and apply it to your hair. Leave it for about 1-2 hours. Once you`ve done that, rinse it out with the same shampoo (or really any shampoo except for a `color protector` type).

So, i did that about 10 times, and it changed my hair SO much! I saw the biggest results after the first time though. After i was sick of doing this, i bought two boxes of the `Born Blonde` hair color. It basically will go over any dark hair color. At this point my hair was brown/brown with a copper tint to it. The `Born Blonde` Lightend it SO much too. I just saw bits that needed re-done, so i did it again. My hair was then red/orange/blonde/with strands of brown. So, my mom bought me the Loreal `Superior Prefrence` hair color in `Cool ash blonde`. It really got rid of the redness in my hair and gave me blonde back!

As of right now I`m letting my hair cool down a bit from all the damage I`ve done. (The Vitamin way was actually good for your hair, I`m talking all the dyes and bleach). I will soon be dying it a darker blonde :)

So thats my hair story.. I hope you guys can use this. If you have any questions, let me know!

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