My Hair 101 [updated hair care]

4 years ago

Hey guys so today i decided that i had a lot of time so im going to make an post for you all about my hair! This is going to be an intense, in depth <strong>all you can know</strong> about what i do to take care of my hair.

~~Basic Background Info~~
- <strong>Length:</strong> 16 inch from my neck down. It just slightly above my lower back.
- <strong> Condition: </strong> slightly damaged and color treated
- <strong> Main Focus </strong>: Volume, hydration, damage protection
- <strong> Main Concerns </strong>: Split ends, dryness
- I was my hair about 4-5 times a week depending on when i feel my hair needs it.

Okay so let`s get started.
~What i use in the shower
- Herbal Essence body envy volumizing shampoo. Im not picky on shampoo so i just buy whatever i think smells good or seems good. I dont really mind. I use shampoor just to rinse dirt and stuff out my hair. I shower at night about 4-5 time a week. I try to shower every other day but i could do that only like twice a week since i like my hair better clean.
- As for conditioner, i am currently using the Herbal Essence Long Term RElation ship one. I like it cause it smells AMAZING!!! best smell i`ve smelled yet!! and it says for long hair so i like it. haven`t been using it for that long about a week or less, but i love the smell. so im going to use it! I condition every time i shower because i like my hair super soft.
- About once a week i use the macadamian hair mask to deep repair my hair. this product is a MUST have. it is the reason why my hair is so long!!!! It smells great and im pretty sure it works. (:

~What i do when i get out the shower~
- I pat my hair dry then use the Tresemme or Garnier Fructis Volumizing mousse. It depends on which i want. The tresemme gives my more volume but makes my hair stiff. the garnier give me just as much volume but doesnt last as it varies. But i like the tresemme better since it has heat protectant. Then i blow dry using a round brush.
- Then using my aussie hair insurance

~ Styling~
- So as for styling i use my CHI straightener. I section my hair in half down the middle and then starting from my let side i straighten it in layers my cliping it up. i spray my tresemme heat protectant spray focusing on the ends where it is more vulnerable to breakage. Then i straighten away. If i were to use hair gel or hair spray then it would be any that i have lying around. I dont use these odten because i like my hair flexible and free but if i do then i use whatever i have. Not very picky [:
- After wards i would apply 3 pumps of the tresemme serum for a finishing touch of softness.

That`s all for my hair care routine. I hope this is helpful in any sort of way. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me. :D

*images are mine do not take!! *

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