My Goto Lip Balm!!

Hey girls! My parents usually get me chapsticks for Christmas in my stockings. Well...two yrs ago (2010) they got me a bunch and I still had a couple from the year before because I rarely used chapsticks/balms. They gave me few generic ones which I used on my cuticles and when I finally got to this one I was ahhhmazzzzed!!! I mean, this is the best stuff I`ve ever used. I love it more than the eos lip balms, baby lips, burts bees, nivea, chap stick, etc... Thus I named it my goto lip balm. Its the Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm. I`ll start with the smell. It smells like minty vanilla, kinda like vicks vapo rub(but not as strong and betteon`t taste my lip balm or lick lips but for those people that do it has a slight minty flavor, but not bad. For texture: its pretty slick, not sticky, but also not slippery. I do have to reapply it after I drink or eat anything, but I`d rather have than than stickiness. Another think that I love about this lip balm is that if your lips are peely this stuff will completely dissolve it and soften your lips. I will definitely stock up on it. There are different tints, the one I tried is clear. I think that anyone who loves any of the chapsticks that I listed above should definitely try this out!! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

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