My Gluten-free vegetarian snacks!

4 years ago

Hi there!

Guess what? I have been on a gluten-free diet for a month now and it is going great!

I watched a Dr. Oz show talking about Gluten intolerance and I realised I had a few of the symptoms so I checked my doctor and he said to try it for some time and see if my food allergies clear up.

Well one month down and I feel great!

My friends think my diet is crazy, maybe you will too!

I have to exclude anything with gluten in it, that means anything made of wheat, flour, oats, barley, malt. So no bread, cereals etc. for me. I eat mainly rice and potatoes, beans, peas, veggies. I am a vegetarian who is allergic to soya and tofu so I can`t eat that either lol.

My menu is a work in process, but I also cannot eat junk foods like cookies, cakes, ice cream (local brands here are not gluten free), certain chocolates!

So I have been snacking in a healthy way by eating fresh fruits and nuts!

In picture 1: I have dried cranberries, pineapple, cashews and almonds.
In picture 2: Almonds, sunflower seeds, apricots and brazil nuts.

The nuts are fresh and unsalted, which I like. I plan to get walnuts, pecans, paw-paw next time.

Is anyone else gluten-intolerant?
Do you like dried fruits/nuts?

DISCLAIMER: Photos belong to me!

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