My Gingerbread House!

5 years ago

So a few months ago, it was Christmas time and during that time of year, gingerbread houses are really popular. I know it`s been a while since Christmas, but I saw these pictures just now and I remembered how much fun it was to make this thing, even though it didn`t turn out looking like the picture at all!

We made the gingerbread house from a kit that we got at the store lol. I would never be able to bake gingerbread that good! The kit came with pre-made gingerbread sides to the house. The crackers already had places engraved so we knew where to put the windows and doors. The kit also came with a huge pack of frosting to glue everything together and a whole bunch of candy including bubble gum, dots, read and white mints, some gummies, and gumdrops. Everything looked so good that me and my sister had to try a bit of everything which meant out house would be missing a few things... oops.

It took us a total of 45 min to put just the crackers together and glue them (We both suck at crafts and our house would not stay still!!) After it finally was stable we could glue everything on... well it took about an hour, but our house was finally complete. We had a picture to go by, but our finished product didn`t look quite so good... The picture showed designs done with the frosting and we tried to do that and let`s just say, it was a huge fail. Most of that frosting ended up in out tummies...

All in all, the gingerbread house was a hard thing to make , but the end result was pretty good. I would do it again next year for sure! Sadly, we never got to eat out house since we were both to sad to eat something that we spent so much time on. . The house sort-of collapsed a few weeks later and had to be tossed =( But that`s okay... it was a lot of fun making it!

Have you guys ever made a gingerbread house before?
Do you have any tips for me next time?

*picture is mine*

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