My Fujifilm Camera!

5 years ago

Hi everyone so I thought I`d share with you my newest camera which is by the brand FUJIFILM and let me just say from the start I really like this camera. My last camera was a fujifilm too but sadly a girl I know dropped it in liquid and broke it:-(.. This is the camera I bought to replace the other one and it is wonderful. It cost me 125 down from 185 I think which was a very good saving on the camera. It is 16 mega pixels and it has a 5x zoom which is really good.

My favourite things about the cameras are the design, the zoom and some settings. Firstly I love metal bodied cameras and black is a timeless colour so that makes this one a win win! The next thing is the zoom and what I love about this is that it doesn`t go blurry while you zoom into items. So the focus I guess you would call it is outstanding. The next is the N flash setting which takes two pictures in a row and the first is without a flash and the second uses a flash so if you only have time to take one quick shot but don`t know if it needs a flash this is a perfect setting. It also takes pretty pictures! So when I say pretty pictures I mean it airbrushes kinda anyway any spots or redness or discolouration that may exist.

I highly recommend this camera because while I got it on sale the price is great and the battery lasts hours upon hours too which means you wont have to change the battery or recharge it after every use. FUJIFILM as a brand are wonderful and you should check them out if you want to buy any new digital camera.

What camera do you use?

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