My french coach for ds

**** My French coach **** 

I picked up this game to give me a wee refresher on basic French before I have to do it as part of my uni course later this year. 

When you first play the game you have to register and go through a french test so that you get an idea of what level you are. Once this is done you unlock further levels by playing the games until you get enough points to open the next lesson. 

I haven`t opened up all the games yet but I have unlocked the following 

multiple choice: you have a word at the top of the screen in English and you have to pick the correct French translation. 

Hit a word-this is my favourite one. You get an English word at the top of the screen and you have to whack the mole with the correct French word underneath. 

Wordsearch -My least favourite. I`m not very good at spelling in English never mind French but I suppose its a good thing I am getting the practice. 

One thing I like is that you can test your pronunciation by speaking into the microphone. You can then compare it with authentic french. 

**Where to buy,prices etc** 

There are 2 levels available and this is the first one. I picked mine up for under £10 on also available on the


I would recommend this as it is really cheap and it teaches you over 10,000 words-i wont be finished with it any time soon. Also with it being a ds game it is quite compact so good for learning on the go -just remember to put in headphones!!!

picture not mine. review also on other sites xx

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