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My *Free* L`Oreal Consumer Testing Panel Test Product Arrived!!

A little while ago <a href=http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/loreal-consumer-testing-panel-sign-take-surveys-get-free-make&gt;I posted</a> that I signed up for the <a href=https://consumertesting.lorealusa.com/&gt;L`Oreal Consumer Testing Panel</a> a few months ago and finally qualified for a study !! Today, my package from the L`Oreal Center in NJ finally arrived. But for those of you who don`t know the L`Oreal Consumer Testing Panel, here`s a short summary...

<strong>What Is L`Oreal Consumer Testing Panel</strong>
Basically LCTP is a website created by L`Oreal, where you can sign up, fill out surveys and if you qualify you can participate in studies, where you receive testing material (make up, skin care). As a compensation L`Oreal offers a genorous package filled with goodies from their brands, such as Lancome, Kiehl`s and of course L`Oreal. If you do some research online you`ll find people posting about it. Signing up, of course, is free !!

<strong>My Study</strong>
My study, compared to others that I`ve read about, it pretty short and simple. I qualified for a study about moisturizers, and received a free moisturizer which I will have to test from June 22nd to June 29th. On the 29, I will fill out a survey about this product and of course, I can keep it.

<strong>In the Package</strong>
I received the moisturizer, which comes in a neutral glass pot. With it came a letter from L`Oreal explaining details about the study procedure. They, again, provided me with the dates on which I have to use the moisturizer, and by when I have to fill out the questionnaire. I will receive my compensation package 2 - 3 weeks after taking the questionnaire.

<strong>The Moisturizer</strong>
I can`t say much yet, because I`m not supposed to try it yet :) It`s unlabeled and just says "face cream" and how to apply it. I think it`s a new product, therefore the testing.. right? The texture of it seems a lot like jelly, and the color is a light pink. I`m very excited to try it !! :)

Of course, I will keep you all updated on this and on my compensation package, when it arrives !!!

** Pics are mine **

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Source link: http://consumertesting.lorealusa.com/survey88.asp