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5 years ago

Here`s my fragrance collection as of right now.
Yup, they`re all body mists, not perfumes. `cause i`m cheap as poo. hahahaha.
I just don`t see a reason to spend $50 on a bottle of perfume because I rarely use these anyways. On occasion I`ll remember to spritz some before I leave the house, but on normal school days I just don`t have the time to use them. Sure, it only takes like 10 seconds, but I take so much time in the morning to dress, eat, and get ready that I just can`t find the time. Anyways, onto my collection!

Victoria`s Secret Aloha PINK Tropical and Juicy All-Over Body Mist:
First thing I noticed when I saw this was the packaging. It`s just so cute! The cap is a bit flimsy, but I`m not bothered by it. The scent is definitely tropical and juicy. I think of pineapples and citrus-y scents when I smell this. It`s pretty light so it doesn`t last all day but a good 4 hours, maybe. Used this body mist a lot during the summer and spring :)

Victoria`s Secret Tempting Berry (Exotics line):
This is definitely the most interesting fragrance mist out of my collection. The label describes the scent as a mix of lotus flower and juicy apple. I thought it would be a more sweet, berry scent, but boy was I wrong! This is a definite night scent. I can smell the apple, but not the artificial sweet candy apple scent. It`s like a crisp, just cut fresh apple. That mixed with a bit of musky vanilla. I`m surprised that I actually enjoy this scent. It`s so unique.

Victoria`s Secret Island Escape:
The bottle says: beachy cococut and sugar cane.
What I smell: coconut, warm vanilla.
This scent is so amazing for those extremely cold days when you need just some warmth! It`s such a cozy, sweet, warm scent. Used this quite a lot during the winter.

mark. Rio Bikini:
Got this a while ago. Not a huge fan of this. I can`t exactly describe what it smells like. It`s just really musky. Too musky for me. Sometimes I`ll layer this on with a fruity scent for a mix of fruit and musk.

Victoria`s Secret PINK Warm And Cozy:
I`ve only used this once. It was too too sweet for me. And smells a bit too artificial it started to smell like playdoh. But maybe that was just on my skin. I just didn`t enjoy how this scent came off on me. I don`t really know what else to say, sorry! ): I do know that a lot of my friends enjoy this scent though, so I`d recommend you try it out if you`re interested

Last one...
Victoria`s Secret Dream Angels Forever:
Yes wow I do have a lot of Victoria`s Secret fragrances. Anyways. This scent smells a lot like sunscreen mixed with something girly. hahaha I`m terrible at these descriptions. Again, not a fan. I have no idea what I`m going to do with these body mists I don`t like and will never use. It feels like such a waste when they just sit on my dresser.

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