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5 years ago

Some of you may think it`d be hard to not eat red meat and chicken, but it`s a lot easier than you think. For the past few weeks I have been getting my protein from vegetable sources such as endamame, peas, green beans, tofu, veggie ground, eggs, and fish/seafood such as salmon, tilapia, tuna, and shrimp. I`ve noticed an increase in muscle definition in my arms and legs, not so much my core, but my body fat will have to get lower before the 1 pack transforms.

Since I`ve adjusted my eating to try and get more carboyhydrates and yes vegetables and fruit count, what I eat every day basically looks like this:

Breakfast: oatmeal with half a sliced banana sweetened with small bit of honey with a bowl of greek yogurt and the other half of the sliced banana

Lunch: 3-4 cups of salad with sliced egg with a salad dressing I make myself which has olive oil, balsamic vinagrete, cracked pepper, orange juice and a bit of orange zest or the same amount of vegetables but sauteed vegetables with veggie ground or tofu seasoned with chili powder, savory spice, and cracked pepper usually.

Snacks: I`ll have these 2-3 times a day which either consist of celery/carrot sticks and 8 almonds, or 8 almonds and a fresh piece of fruit or 8 almonds and 2 dried figs which is my favorite.

Dinner: White rice and some sort of vegetables and fish. If my mom doesn`t make fish I will quickly defrost 8 shrimp and toss them in a tablespoon of olive oil with lemon pepper, onion and garlic powder and pan fry them. I`ll sometimes make whole grain pasta with a home made pasta sauce with vegetables and veggie ground or make a vegetarian chili. Ideally I`d love to have brown rice but it isn`t happening in a Chinese household.


1. Pre-make your salads. I am lazy and I am not going to lie because if I do not pre-make enough salad to last me throughout the work week I am less motivated to eat salad. So on Sundays I will make salads with things such sa spinach, arugala, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, bell peppers, cucumber, beets, shredded carrots, sliced olives(dried fruit, nuts, sliced egg and avocado - put these in the day you will eat the salad otherwise texturally and appearance wise they will look nasty like the avocado will oxidize unless you treat it with some lemon or lime juice it will look super ugly and the nuts will soften and you won`t get a nice crunch). Mix it up so you don`t get bored.

2. Stay hydrated because a lot of the time we may confuse thirst for hunger. Look at your veins or your urine if you have to. I usually will look at my hands and if the veins are popping out well I need to drink some water. You can also tell by the color of your urine and the lighter it is the better. Which reminds me of the poster that my fiance told me about which talked about urine colors and hydration in the men`s washroom of his work lol.

3. Keep yourself accountable. This is the major one for me. On Mondays depending on my schedule for the week I write down what days I am going to work out for the week and when I do I write down the time it took and also put a happy face next to that day. If I don`t work out that day gets a sad/unhappy face and I write down the day I will make up for it as I am trying to work out 4 times a week now. You may not think the unhappy face will make you feel bad but it does. My fiance started doing this too and he was like this unhappy faces really suck and make you feel bad. He also highlights the unhappy faces with a yellow highlighter to make it look worse lol. You can also do this with food too, but I don`t because I designate myself a day to eat one unhealthy snack and one unhealthy meal. For me it`s a twix chocolate bar or something like pizza. I bought the journal for $1 at the dollar store :p.

4. Try to eat mono unsaturated fats or mufas or flat belly fats as some like to call them. These are fats that help lower your bad cholesterol and raise the good. They are found on canola, olive and safflower oils, nuts and seeds, olives, avocados and dark chocolate. I keep a bar of dark chocolate on hand in the fridge when I randomly get a sweet tooth craving, but don`t eat chocolate on a regular basis.

5. Shop the outer aisles of your grocery store in most cases. Processed foods aren`t going to help you get into shape. The only things I buy which are inside the aisles are tea, canned tuna, salsa, balsamic vinagrete, oils and tobasco sauce. In general if nature didn`t make it that way you probably shouldn`t eat it minus tofu, veggie ground and soy milk for me which happen to be on the outside aisles conveniently at my grocery store. Processed foods contain sugar and salt and I don`t want spikes in my insulin levels or water retention so rarely use either in cooking unless I am baking. Also processed foods contain trans fats which will increase the bad cholesterol and lower the good.

6. Don`t weigh yourself. I`ve found that the number on the scale just pissed me the hell off. Muscle is denser than fat and for a while my weight was just bobbing around the same area because the fat was converting into muscle slowly. It`s better to just focus on how you feel in your clothes and not so much the number staring at you. I honestly haven`t weighed myself in a month. It`s probably around the same area, but I`ve noticed my jeans/pants fitting looser around the waist and slightly tighter around the thighs damn quadricep muscles are a building up lol.

This way of eating and these tips are actually what I follow so if you want muscles like me you better follow them haha j/j. I would suggest you follow the tips as what I eat may not be of interest to you and may be too clean for you. Moderation is the key you have to allow yourself to indulge through otherwise you`ll go on a crazy eating rampage and go bonkers.

Are there any of these tips that you follow?
Have you gone on an eating rampage?

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