My first Yankee Candle(s) ever!

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

I`m so excited and I just can`t hide it :D I bought my first EVER Yankee candles! I heard about them, but we don`t have that meany shops that have Yankee candles. So I found one shop and I knew that I have to have my first Yankee Candle. I`ll just tell you that we drove 70km to get them :) So I got few of them, just to try them out and see which ones I like best. It was not easy to choose!
I bought these:
baby powder- votive
beach walk- tart
soft blanket- tart
fluffy towels- tart
sun&sand- tart
Fluffy towels are melting as I write this post :) I`m so into those candles, I could buy all of them. Now I have to complain a bit... We don`t have huge variety of choices as people in US, and if one order online, shipping costs too much! And just to compare prices in US and here: votive costs 7$ (yes, seven!!!) and tart costs 5$ (five!!!). In US those costs 1$ (one!!!). Prices of big jars are just not comparable... So not fair!
Anyway they are worth a bit driving and some money spent... But next time I travel to US I`m going to fill my stash. Heck, I`ll use one suitcase for Yankee Candles!

Take care!

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