My First Try With PS3 Move

5 years ago

Recently my cousin brought over the PS3 with the move system. It was the first time I tried the ps3 move and I was very happy with it.
I played 2 different games. First I tried a fitness game because I was very curious about fitness games that seem to be a trend now and so I tried Move Fitness. The game is very well made with your own personal trainers and plans that guide you in all exercises, even giving you motivation, it has a good amount of exercises and duration to choose from and so depending on your goals and time, you have different workouts to choose from. They are praticly all cardio, so using weights with this would probably be tricky but I guess in some of them there might be a way so use them( I didnt test all the exercises). Its a fun game and it doesnt even feel like a workout.

The other one I tried was the Sports Champions and its the game that the move system includes. You have a lot of different sports to pick from and they are all very fun. I really enjoyed ping pong and voley. You also have tennis, fighting games and more. The game is very well made and tracks all the movements, even how quick you do them.

I really enjoyed both games and the move system but the problem with it is that it requires a lot of space, I had to move furniture around for us to play the game, so if you dont have very big rooms it will be difficult to use move.

<strong>Have you used the PS3 Move? What games did you played? Can you suggest one?</strong>

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