My First Macaron Experience - Less Than Impressed In 23

5 years ago

So seeing as everyone seems to have tried a macaron before I set out on Saturday to go try macarons for the first time and decided to pick them up at a farmer`s market in my city from a place called Mirabelle Macarons as they pledge 50% of their orders to World Vision which I think is great, but my experience was less than great.

I set out with $5 in my hands and saw what flavors she had online and decided when I got there I would get the white chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate passionfruit and the salted caramel as shown left to right in picture 3. I love caramel and I am not going to lie I had that one first and it was so delicious and I could honestly eat so many of those and wish I had gotten 3 of the salted caramel instead. The centre did taste like caramel and the "cookie" part was not too sweet. The white chocolate raspberry one was overly sweet, too sweet for me I would say. It had a really artificial raspberry taste to it but had a nice white chocolate taste, but the overpowering sweetness of the macaron "cookie" part really ruined it for me as it masked the delightful white chocolate filling. I am adverturous and I eat a lot of different things and almost will always enjoy them BUT the milk chocolate passionfruit macaron was probably the MOST horrible thing I have eaten in YEARS. It tasted nothing like what the name said it would be. The cookie part was some weird flavor that tasted really chemically & nothing like passionfruit and the chocolate part was not chocolatey, it was a sticky brown paste. Honestly if you said it was poisonous I would`ve believed you because I only took small bites of the macarons and sadly I did not finish that one because it was so unappetizing and fake and chemically tasting.

Overall I would not get macarons from this place again. I know there is a bakery called Duchess Bakeshop that makes delicious macarons my friends have tasted and enjoyed. I will go investigate that bakery in a few weeks and hopefully have a more pleasant experience. Don`t get lured in by people that are doing "good" things for the world because some times their products suck the big one minus the salted caramel macaron. I know Duchess Bakeshop makes one too, so too bad Mirabelle Macarons.

Have you had a macaron before?
What`s your favorite flavor?
Have you ever had a bad macaron before like me?

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