My first Louis Vuitton bag!

4 years ago

I can honestly say that i never expected that i would be writing this post on here. For quit some time i read girls getting designers bags and showing them here on luuux. One bag just always followed me .. the Louis Vuitton Speedy .. Oh this bag was such a classic one and i would dream about owning one.
Unfortunately `just` giving 570 to a bag wasn`t that simple to me.. i would always consider saving money for it but something would come between and i would spend it on something else. You can imagine how i saw that dream flouting away.

But i kept this bag in mind.. and i`m so proud to say that finally i own my own Speedy 30!
Because i had such a tough year my mom decided to give me a special present and when i was talking (again) about this bag she decided to suprise me with my own.

It did take some time since Louis Vuitton stores don`t have many bags in store so they had to order one and i had to wait untill it was delivered. But when i came home and saw the brown bag on the kitchen table.. i literally screamed and got tears in my eyes right away.

I couldn`t imagine getting a gorgeous bag like this!

Now when i opened the box everything was so clean, the bag in a beige dustbag and some carts. You have the letter that contains price and is a prove when something is wrong with my bag. Next to that there`s a little card for when you want to write a little note and just some information about Louis Vuitton and their handcrafted products.

I know this bag is around 570,00 here in belgium and we own 3 stores here in belgium.

~ pictures are mine

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