My First Ikea Restaurant Experience

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers


i go there just to browse, honestly - i don`t intend to buy anything, but almost 9 out of 10 times i get something useless lol.

However, i`ve never had a stomach for their restaurant - i only ever eat their $1 hotdog with my family. But since the opening of Costco in Australia i`ve been SO SICK of hotdogs lol been eating WAY too many of them. SO, i decided to try their restaurant for a change.

So for dinner i picked up
-meat balls (large) with their special sauce
-smoked salmon with veggies (there weren`t much veggies)
-salt and pepper squid
-jelly for the kids (Which isn`t pictured)

Now, i don`t recall how much exactly each dish was, but i remmber the squid being WAY over priced for ikea food, it was leaning towards $6 for only 5 pieces. now at that price, i can get that elsewhere. BUT i`m lucky it wasn`t bad at all- actually i`ll be repurchasing this when i do go back lol

The meat balls - now the main reason as to why i haven`t EVER ate these in the 10years or so that they`ve opened up here is because - it`s so cheap !! and the way they store it in the hot plate is DISGUSTINg, you see juices dripping everywhere it`s gross. So i was kind of afraid of food poisoning and i have a very weak stomach.
Anyways - point being. ITS SO YUM!!! i cant believe i haven`t had this before!? i was totally missing out.

The salmon? you`re better off getting smoked salmon in a packet at the supermarkets. IT`s nothing special nor is it cheap.

What have you tried at Ikea? and what do you like and not like?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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