My first hi-lo skirt!

4 years ago

for some reason, all the hi-lo skirts at all of my forever 21 stores are sold out. i actually asked an employee today and he said they started out with quite a bit of stock but it`s mostly disappeared by now. fantastic! i wasn`t really into the trend when i first saw it. i remember when i walked into the union square forever 21 in SF (the new one!) and there were tons. now, there don`t seem to be any! boo!

i actually got this skirt from kohl`s. i`m not gonna lie, i don`t think kohl`s has a lot of current fads. what it does have is a lot of staples and some nice clearance finds. that`s why i was pretty surprised when i saw this skirt.

apologies for the photo. i know you can`t even tell it`s a hi-lo skirt but trust me it is! it comes with a pretty cheap belt but it does go with the skirt and works well enough. it`s a bit long though, but i can probably find a nifty way to wear it.

i don`t know what it is about the print, but even though it looks like something grandma would have, i think it`s BOMB. believe me, it looks good on. i`ll probably have to do an OOTD to prove it now lol

the skirt was $25 or something on sale but my mom always gets coupons with her kohl`s card and she finds other coupons and ultimately we didn`t pay much for it. i probably would`ve paid about the same for a hi-lo skirt at forever 21 so whatevs!

do you own a hi-lo skirt? are you into this trend, or do you think it`s kinda strange? (i wouldn`t blame you... i thought it was kinda weird at first myself!)

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