My First Half- Moon Manicure Attempt!

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! Today before I went out with my family for lunch, I decided to do my nails which is what I showed in the picture above! For today`s manicure, I was kind of feeling like the normal solid colored manicures that I usually do but I still wanted something that would be really easy for an uncoordinated person like be so I decided to give the trendy half-moon manicure a shot!

The colors I chose weren`t especially compatible or anything but I thought that they would be really contrasting so I decided to give it a shot. I used <strong>BO (LOL) #28, China Glaze White on White, and Julep Maven Robin</strong> . I got the Julep Maven in my recent penny promotion box and I was dying to try it out so I just had to use it.

To make this manicure, first, I painted my nails with the <strong>Bo #28</strong> until it was fully opaque. After that, I took <strong>China Glaze White on White</strong> and dotted little dots all over the pink nail polish with a toothpick to make smaller polkadots. Once I did that, I waited an hour or so for my nails to dry. Once they were dry, I took some reinforcers and I placed them along the base of my nails so that the rounds shape of the reinforcers would naturally create the half-moon manicure design. I painted over the reinforcers and the uncovered nail with <strong>Julep Maven Robin</strong>. I recently got this color in my 1ยข Julep Maven Intro Box and I was DYING to use it so I just had to try it out, haha :D Then, it was time to play the waiting game. When I was waiting for my nails to fully dry, I kept on touching things which led to a sort of unsmooth finish x( I also think I painted on the blue too quickly and didn`t give the pink time to fully dry which is why it bubbled on the blue but at least I learned my lesson this time! Anyhow, once the design dried, I painted on a top coat and voila!

I think that these nails are fairly cute even though they`re my first attempt. What do y`all think?

<cite>Pictures are mine</cite>
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