My First Fedora

4 years ago

i`m not much of a hat gal because my head is the size of a large watermelon, but the other day i was at kohl`s and i tried on a fedora and it made me want one so badly! i don`t know. indiana jones turned me away from them for a while but then jason mraz made them look so darn good.

the one i found at kohl`s was like $20 or something and i didn`t think it was worth it for a straw hat. i did not end up purchasing that fedora.

this week, target is having a sale on fedoras. they`re normally $12.99 but they`re down to $10 this week. still a little expensive for a straw hat but better than $20!

i had a hard time choosing a color. i was stuck between a white one with black accent, straw one with this black & white accent, and the tan one, which is the one in the photo that i ultimately ended up purchasing. i wanted the white one at first but i knew it`d get grimy easily; i never have good luck with white anything! the thing that ultimately made me decide to get this one as opposed to the straw one was the accent band. the straw one had this weird black and white print that i didn`t really like, whereas i liked how there was a solid band with a cute little bow on the left side with this one (you can kinda see it in the photo above).

i tried it on and i was surprised it fit my big head! i haven`t tried styling it yet though but i`m sure it`ll make a really nice addition to most casual summer outfits.

do you own a fedora?

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