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I purchased some nail products from for the first time. I probably will not make another purchase from this website. They didn`t do anything wrong. In fact, they`re pretty great.

However, the shipping is quite steep ($12.00!) and I feel like I don`t need to try any more nail polishes from them. I am glad I was able to try China Glaze nail polishes for the first time, and for only $3.00 a bottle. They used to be $2.68 and then they were $2.88, but I missed out on those days, because I wasn`t sure if the website was legit, until I heard other people had made purchases from it.
Aside from very expensive shipping...

The website is kind of shady. With nail polish, I would like to be able to maximize photos to get a better look at the product, especially the shade of the colors.

Shipping charges are not shown at checkout. Shipping is charged based on your location, weight, size of package. If you have any questions, you can contact their customer service. Honestly, who wants to spend time doing that? We only visit these websites to get products at a discount, buy what we want, and get it done with. Obviously I did not contact customer service, because the $12 was a surprise to me. Others in the past had reported they`d paid $7, which is kind of a lot, but obviously it`s worth it if you buy in bulk.

You do not get e-mailed an order confirmation or invoice after you make your purchase. I like to keep a record of these things until the order arrives in case there are any discrepancies to reconcile. However, I did receive a USPS shipping notification. So at least you get to track it.

Shipping was really quick. I don`t know if that was just a fluke, since this was my first time ordering from them. I believe I ordered on a Thursday evening and it arrived on Tuesday after a holiday. So really, it only took about 2 business days. That`s good, because it cost me a whopping $12.

I like that wholesalers usually do not waste money on packaging. As you can see in this photo, they obviously believe in simple, no-frills packaging. Even though I respect quality packaging with pretty details, I don`t like when companies waste resources on boxes and bags that end up being thrown away anyway. I do like decorations and trinkets that I can keep though.

On to what I bought:

Belle of the Ball 2011 includes...
Tinsel Town,
Champagne Bubbles, and a
`Festive Ornament`
(Ok, they got me w/ a gimmick. This ornament looks like it was purchased from the dollar store and was hand decorated with glitter glue and rhinestones also purchased from the dollar store.)
I know Christmas is a long time away, but I actually plan to give away this little set and I hope it`s not TOO tacky, but it`s still kind of fun and festive to me...

2 bottles of For Audrey & Lemon Fizz
I plan to keep one of the For Audrey bottles and give the other one as a gift. Since everyone says For Audrey is so great, I`ve been wanting to try it. I also have been looking for a yellow nail polish that has somewhat of a white hue, almost pastel like. I`ll give this a go and hopefully I like it. I hope it doesn`t have any green undertones or puke-y look to it.

I`m pretty excited to try this little magnet on my Nails Inc. polishes.

Hopefully it turns out like it looks in the picture. Knowing my skill with nail art and my poor luck, it`ll probably end up looking weird.

Nail Bliss Metallic Tips Kit 012
I thought this pack was going to be like those nail stickers, like the ones by Sally Hansen. It`s not. It comes with stick-on plastic pieces that you stick on your nails first and then it`s adhesive on top and you stick the metallic bits on top. I think that`s how it works. I`m hesitant to try this now, because I`m worried about it damaging my nails. Also, it looks a lot more tacky in person now that I`ve opened it. haha go figure

Nail Stencil (M19)
I`ve never tried nail stencils before. This should be interesting. I don`t even know where to begin with this stencil. I can already tell that this is going to be a messy project for me.

So overall, none of these items really excited me. Still, I hope to have fun with them. I just wish that it was a BETTER bargain. It wasn`t a bad deal, $3 for good quality nail polish, but the shipping charge kind of killed it for me. =]

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