My First Brunch: A journey into the poached egg

2 years ago

My family was out of town last week, so i was home alone and i usually use that as an opportunity to make new things. I woke up the first morning they were gone and decided it would be a lazy day, but an hour or two later I was hungry, and I knew right away what I wanted to attempt to make.
A poached egg.
I know poached eggs can be tricky i`ve watched multiple culinary shows about making them, but I also know they can be delicious! so it was worth the risk. I started of soft boiling my water with a few tablespoons of vinegar and laid in the first egg. I gave the water a little stir to create a vortex to the egg whites would wrap around the yolk.
Now sadly this is the one thing I forgot to look up, how long it takes. I am not sure how long my egg was in the water, but i know it was too long. The yolk in my egg was almost solid, which is not how I like my eggs. I decided to go for round two! my second egg did not take so well to the water, and the whites feathered making the water cloudy. Even with the feathering though, that egg turned out much better.

To complement my egg I made up a tuna steak that I had in the fridge. These are super simple to cook up and only take a couple minutes. I liberally coat the tuna steak with salt and pepper on both sides, and wrap it up in a paper towel so I stays dry. Tuna is very wet but you want the surface to be dry when it hits the pan so it can get a good sear.
You`ll also want to prep your pan. I like a little olive oil and a little butter. You could use all olive oil, but definitely don`t use all butter. I like the taste of both of them together. I sear my tuna steaks on high heat for about 1-3 minutes on each side.
I like my tuna medium rare, which keeps that nice bright pink/ped color in the center. This is how you see it served in a lot of restaurants and it is the recommended cooking temperature for this cut of fish, but you could cook it longer if you preferred.
I like to set my tuna in the fridge to get cold. Something about seared tuna that is super cold, is just amazing! You`ve get the heat from the pepper, but the cold tuna kind of balances it out. It`s amazing!
Then I served up my eggs with my tuna!
The time to make both of these dishes with the prep included was about 30 minutes total. So this is a quick fix in the morning that will leave you satisfied.

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