My First Baublebar Purchase!

4 years ago

i`ve heard of baublebar for quite a while now, but i`ve always admired from a distance. i`m honestly not a big fan of jewelry at all since i like to keep things simple, and even though i see a lot of jewelry i think i can potentially like, i don`t really bother getting them because i know i honestly won`t wear them all that much.

a week or so ago, baublebar had their friends & family event and i took the opportunity to place an order. they also give you $10 off your first order so i ended up getting a pretty good deal, i think.

as much as i love how statement pieces look on other people, i just can`t get into them. like i said, i`m not a big jewelry person to begin with and statement pieces are just too BAM! for me. that isn`t to say i don`t love how they look on other people - i`ve seen amazing OOTD`s here on luuux and elsewhere on fashion blogs where people look amazing with them on! i just haven`t really gotten into them.

with that said, the piece that i got is the fairytale duo pendant. it`s offered in four different styles with different colors (gold/hematite) and stars or hearts. i chose the gold necklace with stars since that`s just the one i personally liked the most.

i love how dainty it is and it gives the look of a layered necklace, but it`s all just one piece. i wear v necks most days of the week since they`re just so darn simple and this necklaces will go with all of my v necks. i mean honestly, i think it goes with almost anything lol

with the $10 off and F&F discount, i paid $13.50 for this piece shipped. (baublebar offers free shipping and returns, and it`s based in new york so i didn`t have to pay sales tax - SCORE! not that many places don`t charge californians sales tax anymore. *sadface*) even though it`s dainty, it is a nice weight. of course, i haven`t been able to wear it enough to determine how well made it is, but my first impression is pretty good. however, it is only plated metal and i don`t expect it to be particularly long lasting. we will see!

have you ever ordered from baublebar?

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