My First and New Michael Kors Hamilton

4 years ago

Hi hi! I just wanted to share my purchase of my very first Michael Kors Hamilton in luggage color with gold hardware. I bought this bag at Macy`s during their 25% off Friends and Family sale. Plus I got an additional 15% off for signing up for their card. So I got a total of 40% off the bag. They didn`t have it in the store and the SA told me that they had one in stock in the warehouse and that it would be shipped to me. I waited a little over a week for it and boy was that the longest week ever. I was so estatic when I got the bag. But I just had to exam it for any flaws and stuff. And I did find some as you can see them in the last couple of pictures. It looks like scuff marks or it`s just that it wasn`t colored evenly. When I feel the area with my fingers, the spots are smooth so I don`t think it`s scratches. It`s all the way at the bottom of the bag and it`s not that big. There`s a very very very small one in the front next to the lock too but I don`t mind about that one. So I called around some other Macy`s hopefully to see if they had any in stock for me to exchange. Only one store in my area had one and it was the last one too. So I went to check it out and I also brought my bag along too. But to my disappointment, that bag was even worse. It had a 2 1/2inch line across the front of the bag which you can see clearly cause that was the first thing I noticed when I looked at the bag so that was definitely a no no and that bag probably was touched by many hands cause unlike mine, the handles, lock, and chaings were covered and it wasn`t in a plastic bag which mine was. And the color of that bag was duller than mine. The SA told me there was a stored that carried 11 of them but that store was out of my way. And if I did go there, time, gas, and the cost just didn`t sound reasonable to me. Oh and can anyone tell me what those numbers stand for on the snap closure button. I am definitely gonna keep this bag case first of all I did save over $100 and most likely other bags will probably have some sort of flaw, even though I do know that there are bags out there that are flawless. And another thing is that I could wait out the 180 days and during those days call the stores to see if they had a new shipment in and then go check out the bags. But isn`t that just a waste of time, gas, money and energy, especially time and energy. And that means during those days I wouldn`t be able to use my bag. And the funny thing is that my husband said that the bag is gonna get scratched sooner or later. Another thing I`ve noticed is that even though this brand is a designer brand, it`s quality is nowhere closet to LV quality. I own a LV and the stitching and just everything is better. Even though I am keeping the bag, I would love to know your opinion on it?

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