My favourite Lip products!

A friend of mine wanted to know what were my favourite lip products and I figured I could write a blog post talking about my personal favourites!

1. NYX soft matte lip cream in `Transylvania` This has been my personal go to colour for the past few months. I can`t resist it, nothing puts together my `staple` face like a BEAUTIFUL vampy shade of purple! I`ve been on the hunt to repurchase this. In my opinion, this is a beautiful formula but I will say it`s not a `quick in the car` lip colour. It`s something I will use only if I plan on taking my time and applying. I always use Primer with this! The colour does fade after some time, but it`s not instant, and even when the colour does begin to fade it`s usually after eating or enjoying coffee/drinks with friends... mostly drinks though, it hasn`t worn off with simple coffee sipping!

2. NYX soft matte cream in `Monte Carlo` Just like Transylvania, I love this colour. Though this isn`t a dark purple, it`s a beautiful true red with blue undertones instead of orange like most Reds you will find. This too, I like to use a primer with. I love putting this on with just a nice thick black cat eye and go, with this colour you don`t need too much going on in the eyes because your lips will POP!

3. NYX Butter Gloss in `Devils Food Cake` The butter lip glosses are so soft smooth and pigmented. I was actually shocked at how pigmented it was compared to other glosses I have purchased in the past. I also LOVE this shade in particular because...can you guess??? It`s a BEAUTIFUL deep shade of purple. This is my go to in the car colour when I`ve ran out of gloss or my soft matte cream ran out.

4. Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in `Love Affair` I received this in an Ipsy bag a few months back and I Fell in love. Sadly, my first tube I received from them was half empty but their customer service is so amazing, they happily sent me another tube in NO time! This colour is a beautiful wine colour, but the best part is, it`s not highly pigmented, so it makes for a beautiful daytime colour or even a nice gloss for a family dinner. I don`t ALWAYS wear super dark lip colours ;)

5. NYX simply vamp lip cream in `Enamored` This lip cream has an AMAZING formula, it isn`t dry and it isn`t too slippery when being applied. This is also something I find I can apply in the car if need so. This colour in general is a beautiful brown-bronze that isn`t shiny and has a nice flat soft shine to it.

6. NYX Simply vamp lip cream in `Bewitching` This lip cream is the same as the Enamored but in a different shade. A Beautiful dark purple that is easy to apply in the car and is perfect for day to day use!

7. Wet n Wild Balm Stain in `Lady and the Vamp` This is a new product to me, I haven`t really been reaching for it as often as all of my NYX products but I can say from what I used of it, it`s made it to my favourite lip products list! For 2 dollars and some change from my local Rite Aid it`s worth it. It`s a nice SOFT vampy purple and has this yummy peppermint scent to it. I also love that it`s mostly sheer so this is also a perfect day to day colour, something I keep in my makeup bag for those `oops I Forgot my lipstick moments` (since having kids, this happens more than you`d expect!)

8. Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm in ` 4018` This is a nice soft berry shade, while I added it to my favourite products, I doubt I will actually find myself purchasing this again. It`s a really nice dupe to the Clinque chubby balms, but Covergirl hasn`t really been a brand that I go wild about.

9. NYX Butter lipstick in `Licorice` GAH! Yes! This is a sweet smelling lipstick that yet again...ANOTHER beautiful purple, it`s not as deep but it`s GORGEOUS!!! It`s something I also reach for A LOT because it`s easy to apply and you don`t need too much prepping for it.

10. Wet N Wild Lipstick in `Cherry Bomb` I actually picked this up because I was listening to the Runaways and Cherry Bomb is my favourite song from them. Little did I know those 2 dollars I spent would be a habit that found myself REPURCHASING this lipstick nearly 2 times! It`s a beautiful dark red, I love it. I`ve seen it on many different people and every person has seem like it was a different shade. For me it`s a gorgeous dark red, and while I don`t reach for it as often as my other lip colours, it still gets used quite a bit here!

11. NYX Lipstick in `Chaos` The. Perfect. Red. It`s not dark at all, I find this perfect if I use a black liner (yes, I said black) and it`s AMAZING, makes the perfect ombre. Or if you`re looking something that creates that perfect `vintage red` this is it!

12. Clinique Different Lipstick in `Angelic` this is a beautiful nude that has minimal sparkling. It`s something I use on days where a Dark lip is not on the menu!

13. Wet n Wild lipstick `Black Orchid` how do I say the best 98 cents I`ve ever spent? Oh. I just said it, because seriously. I Found this at walmart not expecting too much of it because of it`s price and well, I was proven wrong by it. It`s so amazing. The colour, pigment EVEN the formula! I can say that you can`t judge Wet n Wilds lipsticks by their prices!

14. J. Cat wonder lip pain `mad splatter` YES. YES. YES. It`s a beautiful red/pink combo and an AMAZING sheen with it. Something you can either pat on with a finger for a light day or with a lip brush for those days you`re trying to go all out with lip colour. I also am in LOVE with the price! 5.00!!! I can`t wait to purchase all of these! OOooH!

15. Absolute New York You`re the Balm in `grape` I received this in another ipsy bag and I will say this is a new favourite. It reminded me of my childhood with cute glitter (which really isn`t seen when applied) and the yummy grape soda scent.

16. C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve....Isn`t this EVERYONES Winter go to? For me this is perfect for everyday use. Especially on elbows and knees. I can kill a jar in a few months between my husband and I (he`s a Rose Salve Junkie... I swear, he`s always looking for it asking which pouch I put it in!)

Well, those are my favourite lip colours for not only the fall, but well...year round!

*this photo is my own*

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