My favorite TV Shows :)!!!

6 years ago

I wanted to talk about my favorite shows with you guys :)
As you can tell my favorite shows at the moment are Dexter, Hellcats, and The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.
Anyways, let`s start with Dexter. My boyfriend told me about this show about a year ago, and since then, I`ve been obsessed!!!!!!!!
This has to be my favorite show out of all!!!!! I don`t understand how these people can come up with such an amazing show!!! I`m not going to talk about it because I don`t want to give anything away to someone who wants to watch it, but I suggest you guys watch it from the very beginning, and I`m telling`ll become addicted to it :) It`s about serial killer, who has a family, lives a normal (kind of) life...I know crazy right...but he`s a type of serial killer that only catches realllly bad people. That`s all I can tell you :) You`ll just have to watch the show to find out more tehehe:) Right now I`m waiting for the 6th season to start. :D:D I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

My next favorite show would have to be The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. If you want to find out more I did a whole post about them (
I just love these glamorous ladies and their fabulous lifestyles :)
I suggest you guys watch the show as well :) Tell me if you already do!!

And lastly, Hellcats!!! It`s one of those fun shows for teens. It`s about a girl, Marti who`s a prelaw student who joins the cheerleading squad. It`s a really fun show to watch, with lots of drama hahah!! Alyson Michalka and Ashley Tisdale are both in the show :)

So now I`d like to know what your favorite TV shows are. Do you like the ones I talked about? Have any suggestions for other similar shows?

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