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4 years ago

If your like me and my family this holiday season traveling all over to visit relatives, you want to keep as much time that you spend it the car occupied and entertained as possible. Here is a list of my favorite apps and games to make the car ride fun!

#1. VIKI
This very amazing app lets you watch just about any Asian television show from japan to Korea! There isn`t any dubbing though, so the subtitles do come in handy for those not fluent in the languages. I just finished "Feast Of The Gods", and it was as if i watched it on an HDTV the quality in sound was amazing. Into K-Pop? Viki Boosts a huge collection of music videos from current music artists!

#2. PBS
How can you go wrong with this golden oldie? Whether your keeping up with "Downton Abby" or entering "The Mind Of A Chef" when ever i need to get away from reality TV i run to PBS! With the PBS app you can watch programming designated for your local area or the state away! Plus the good old PBS Kids provides kids hours of fun learning.

Testing your knowledge of shameful pop culture has never been so much fun! With artistically minimalist depictions of the famous or infamous, movies/shows, and characters keeps you guessing and on your toes forcing you to think out of the box (and cheat a little).

This app is perfect for those not easily lulled to sleep buy the sound of highway traffic. After 4 hours on the road after a sleepless night switching from driver to passenger should be a welcome invitation to a sleepy snore fest... Not with a loud bunch of friends talking up a storm in the back seat! So i found this little gem to keep out the constant chatter. It has everything from white noise, thunder storms, soothing music, and even quite chattering in french! I will be using this app more the just on car trips.

I remember playing this game for hours as a kid so to see it back with the original sound track in the app store made the end of 2012 so nostalgic!!! I enjoyed the controls they are very simple (I`m sure not so much for console). My favorite charterer Gena is still feisty as ever and the old locations keep the memories flowing!

Remember to be safe while out this holiday season and enjoy!

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