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Los Angeles is one of my top favorite places of all time. Unfortunately, I live across the country, but I am still fortunate enough to have visited there twice in my life, in July of 2011 and June of 2012. Since I did so many fun things on those trips, I thought I`d list my top things to do and see in LA for anyone who is considering or is already taking a trip there.
-Malibu. It`s absolutely beautiful and anyone who has been there will tell you the same! We stayed in a beautiful neighborhood in a lovely house surrounded by very big houses, and we had fun trying to guess who might live in them. Our house overlooked the ocean and Pacific Coast Highway, and was near Pepperdine University (where the show Zoey 101 was filmed). We went to Zuma beach, which was so beautiful, although the water is frigid! My legs started to hurt after standing in it for awhile, but I guess that`s because I wasn`t used to it being that cold. When we walked down to the snack bar we found ourselves in the `teenager` portion of the beach because they were on field trips. In the mornings we saw surf and paddleboard camps going on on the beach. Many celebrities have been photographed at Zuma beach. Malibu Country Mart is another celebrity hotspot and a very popular shopping center. We stopped there often to get Starbucks and I shopped at the Juicy Couture and Sephora there. Restaurant-wise, The Sage Room is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It is an Italian restaurant and you`re very likely to see a celebrity there. We had dinner there on our first night in Malibu and saw three famous actors. It`s a smaller restaurant but it was never too busy and we never had to wait for a table. The service was beyond outstanding. The owner of the restaurant was very friendly and made sure no one left unsatisfied. I ordered pasta with creamy Alfredo sauce and broccoli both times we went there, and being back home all I want is to have it again because it was so good. My mom ordered pumpkin ravioli one time which I tried and thought it was different because it was sweeter, but nonetheless delicious. If you`re looking to learn something while you`re there, you can visit the Getty Villa museum, which is an ancient Greek art collection turned into a museum and very interesting. There`s also a Malibu Pier which we didn`t go to.
-Santa Monica Pier. This was the fair I`ve never been to and I had so much fun. We bought a ticket with a certain amount of money for games on it and played until it ran out and won tons of stuffed animals, and me and my sister rode on the classic little yellow rollercoaster (how could we not?). Sadly, we didn`t get to go on many rides, but there are a lot of fun ones! We also got ICEEs in those tall curvy cups, a funnel cake and glitter tattoos. It`s another place to see celebrities also and so much fun.
-CityWalk LA and Universal Studios. Such a fun place and recommended for anyone visiting LA! We went on our trip in 2011. We did a studio tour and it was SO cool! We got to see a bunch of studios and sets for past movies.
-Hollywood! You can take one of the star tours, which we did in 2011, and it lasted a few hours and we saw and learned so much. On the tour we went through the Hollywood Hills and learned which houses belonged to who, saw the Hollywood Sign and were able to take pictures, went through Beverly Hills and learned about who more houses belonged to and saw other cool stuff, drove down Rodeo Drive and more that I`m probably forgetting. These are all also recommended regardless of if you do the tour or not! In Hollywood we walked down the Walk of Fame, saw the Kodak Theatre and lots of other neat things.
-Rodeo Drive is a fun place like I mentioned above. Although I couldn`t afford to actually shop at most of the stores, it`s fun to see them all.
Those were all my recommended places to visit in LA! I hope this helped you! This was all based off my personal experience. If you think I`m forgetting something, feel free to comment and let me know!

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