My Favorite Starbucks Drink Right Now

My favorite drink at Starbucks right now is:

An iced venti white mocha with raspberry, three extra shots of espresso, and no ice.

I know it`s a mouthful. But it`s absolutely delicious. It`s also very expensive because of all the extra shots of espresso. So I get this only when I can afford to splurge. ;) AND the drink is a pretty pink because of the raspberry.

I also sometimes get an iced white AND black mocha with raspberry, which is also really good. But if you ever get that, make sure to tell them you only want three pumps of each syrup. Because I ordered it without telling them how many pumps I wanted once, and they put six pumps of each. It was WAY to sweet. And I had to take it back and get it remade.

But I LOVE espresso. So anytime I can afford to get a couple extra shots, I do.

And I also always tell them no ice when I get iced drinks. There are two reasons for that. One, whenever you get a venti iced drink they basically completely fill the cup up with ice, and leave barely any room for the actual drink. And two, I just don`t like it when my drink gets watered down with ice.

So yeah, that`s my favorite Starbucks drink right now. I`m sure that`s going to change when the Christmas-y drinks come out.

Oh, and that`s my puppy, Lilly. Isn`t she cute? :`) She`s my baby.

Thanks for reading guys. Talk to you soon.


*Pic is mine.*

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