My favorite guy.

kevinmelomags - yup he`s my favorite guy ..

Kevin & I met back in september when I moved away for college. our first conversation was about buying our english book and then everywhere I went it seemed like he was always there. I thought he was cute , he played basketball which was a plus in my eyes. our first real conversation was at the library . I was a nerd ;* I NEVER would`ve thought that simple conversation would be the start of a relationship that I just can`t get over.

I will admit, when Kevin and I first started dating, I was focused on him more than anything and anyone. Its that new and exciting feeling when you first start spending the majority of your time with that person, trying to get to know them. You can spend your life with someone and never really know them completely. If youre wondering, Kevin and I are doing wonderful. Were stronger than ever :)

Anyways, now I dont have many friends left. But this has shown me who my best friend really is. I know its cliche or whatever to say but my boyfriend is my best friend. Through everything hes been there. I know putting together boyfriend and best friend together might not be considered good, but I dont care. I dont even know what the term best friend means anymore. But when I hear it, I think of my boyfriend. Hes there for me and doesnt judge my actions. I have flaws and he embraces them. Is this why sometimes people fall in love with their best friend? They have all the qualities good and bad yet youre willing to be apart of your life and vice versa. Hes shown me that I dont have to go out & go on a search for a best friend; hes my best friend.

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