My Favorite Black Eyeliners

4 years ago

I am probably one of the most picky person when it comes to eyeliners and I`ve tried many brands but between drugstore and high-end liners, I honestly had much better luck with high-end brands. Many drugstore liners just don`t cut it for me and I`ve had issues with either pigmentation, packaging, formula, or a combination of the three. With that said, here are my top picks of best black eyeliners. Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Perversion, $19.00. This liner was part of the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 4 and has become my most recent favorite eyeliner because I just started using it. You can certainly purchase it on its own. Urban Decay totally nailed it on both the packaging and the formula. First take a look at the brush. Look at how thin it is. It can create the thinnest line you can ever do with an eyeliner. The flexibility and length of the brush is perfect. It`s flexible enough to help you maneuver around the curve of your eyes and yet it`s firm enough to apply color just where you want it. The pigmentation is also very black with a slight glossy finish. The formula is waterproof, smudge-proof, budge-proof, and stays on until you take it off. If you want your eyeliner to look perfect for hours and hours, through tears, sweat, or rain, you need this eyeliner. MAC SuperSlick Liquid Eyeliner Marked For Glamour, $18.50. Ok so this color is not really black but the closest to black that I have from the line. I actually have 3 of these liners and in different colors, except for the black. Marked for Glamour is a shimmery charcoal grey. As far as pigmentation goes, it is fairly good. You`d have to shake the tube well before use. The formula is a bit wet upon application so be sure to wipe out any errors right away before it sets because once it sets, it won`t budge. This doesn`t claim to be waterproof but I find that it does have a pretty good lasting power. I typically get up to 12 hours of wear this and after that, it starts flaking off. The felt tip applicator has a bit of a spongy texture to it. It has just the perfect amount of flexibility and firmness to make application very easy. MAC does offer a black color along with a few other shades. Make Up Forever Aqua Liner Waterproof 13 Mat Black, $23.00. The formula is pretty black and quite pigmented. You`d have to shake the tube well before use in order to get a better pigmentation. It has a slight glossiness to it and is truly waterproof. Prior to using the UD 24/7 liner, this was my go-to waterproof liner. This won`t budge until you take it off, and on top of that you`d have to use makeup remover especially formulated for waterproof makeup in order to get it to come off. As far as the felt tip applicator, I find it to be a bit too firm and short for my liking. I would have prefered a bit more of flexiblity because it makes drawing a line much easier. Regardless, it is still a pretty good liner with an outstanding formula. Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Perfect Black, $18.00. I mainly use this pencil liner on the waterline. For some reason, it has a tendency to smudge, migrate, and transfer when applied on the lash line, which I find weird for something that claims to be waterproof or maybe it`s just me. For the waterline, it last 3-4 hours, which is pretty outstanding because I`ve never had a liner perform that long on the waterline. The corners tend to fade faster but if you set it with a black eyeshadow, you`d be amazed at the lasting power. This liner also come with a smudger, which I hardly use cause I find it too stiff for my liking. The formula is extremely pigmented and dark. It is also very creamy and smooth. I`d only recommend this one for the waterline. It might work for you on your lids if they are not that oily or hooded. With hooded eyelids, most pencil liners tend to transer into my crease and this one does it too. Physicians Formula Eye Booster Ultra Black, $10-$11. Probably the only drugstore liner that hasn`t failed me. This supposedly has a serum to thicken and lenghten your lashes. I personally have not noticed any change as far as the condition of my lashes and I`ve used 3 or 4 of these already. Other than that the formula is pretty black but a litle wet. You will often have to shake it in order to get the color to flow through the bristles. This is a tappered brush tip that looks exactly like Lorac Front of the Line Pro eyeliner. I love everything about that brush tip. It dispenses the right amount of product. It`s firm yet flexible. The very fine tip can create ultra thin lines. When it comes to the applicator, this one and the UD liner is my favorite because they give me the best control. It isn`t waterproof but it is smudge-proof, budge-proof, and last me all day. The finish is very slightly glossy. This is my go-to every day liner. Which ones are your favorite black liners? **Pictures and contents are mine. Do not use without permission.** If you enjoy my posts, you can also follow me on:

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