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4 years ago

My mother gave me the <strong>Samsung Galaxy GT-i5500</strong>, I like to download some applications from Android Market. I didn`t pay any of those applications because I don`t think that I have to pay for something that I can have for free and I just need the applications more important. That`s why I decided to show you guys the applications that I have in my Galaxy and tell you guys why I like them.

The first application that I have is the <strong>Blogger</strong>. I took this application because I really enjoy to spend some time in my blog. This alows me to put posts in my blog and whatever I want to without use the computer to do it. This app is very easy to use but it doesn`t let me to see my blog, so I have to go for the bowser to go to the Internet. Anyway, I think this app is a little too much simple for me. Because I can`t put bold for example in a word. And the text doesn`t stay exactly how I want. I would give a <strong>3/5</strong>.

The second app is <strong>Viber</strong>. This app is one of the best that I already have. This allows me to talk with people who has this app too without spend any money. But, it`s a little bad because not everyone have a smartphone so, it`s difficult to use this because it`s something that you can not use with everybody. So, I can only use that with my mother because she is the only person who I know and have a smartphone which allows me to communicate witht her, anytime I want to. But, another thing that you have to have is the Internet to use this, or you may not be able to use that. For those reasons I will give <strong>4/5</strong> for this app.

The thirst app is the <strong>Tumblr</strong>. Tumblr is one of my favourite websites ever. In this site I can do whatever I want and share whatever I want. I really like this app because it is faster than the bowser to use the tumblr. But, of course, that this app is not like my computer and it doens`t allow me to do everything. But at the same time it is really good because I can do so many things in a little mobile phone, and that is fantastic for me. So, for me I would give <strong>5/5</strong> for this app!

The forth app is the <strong>Instagram</strong>. I personally don`t use the instagram so much. I created an account but I still prefer the tumblr than Instagram, for example. But, I really enjoy the photos that I usually to see in this app/website. This app is fast which is really good because I hate to wait. But it is a little bit uncomplete, so I would give <strong>3/5</strong> for it.

The fifth app is the <strong>Youtube</strong>. I mean, for who has a smartphone, this app is a must have. Who doesn`t like to see videos all the time? This app is definately one of my favourites because I can see whatever I want anytime and It is fast, which I appreciate a lot. As couldn`t be, I will give <strong>5/5</strong> for this amazing app!

The sixth app is the <strong>Messenger</strong>. This is another must have. I know that with all of the things and the social websites, the Messeger is becoming to be something of the past. But, I really enjoy to talk with people in Messenger, so I totally love this app. It is fast, have a good quality, for me. And allows me to talk with who I want, when I want. So, for those reasons I will give <strong>5/5</strong> to this app.

The seventh app is the <strong>Twitter</strong>. I personaly don`t like Twitter and I don`t spend so much time there. I only use this app to see the news of my favourite band: Evanescence. Anyway, I really like this app because it is very good, the quality is amazing and it is fast. So, I would give a <strong>4/5</strong> because i don`t like Twitter.

The eighth and last app is the <strong>LookBook</strong>. Well, call me crazy, but I would not be able to live without this app. I found a crazy love for fashion inside me that I cannot explain. So, this allows me to see what other people are dressing, sharing and "communicate" with fashion all the time. So, I would say that this is my favourite app and I would advice you to download it! Of course, for me it is a <strong>6/5</strong> ahaha.

<em>All of those app are free, so if you want to take one of them, feel free. You don`t have to pay anything for them.</em>

<strong>The image is mine & the content is 100% mine too</strong>.

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