My Favorite Android Apps of the Moment

4 years ago

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Apps Organizer by Fabio Collini:

This app really helps when I want to organize my android apps. I enter the app and it brings up a list of ALL of my apps so that I can assign them labels, create more labels and assign those labels icons for even more detailed organization, and star them as favorites. You can even assign more than one label to each app, as many as you want! I`m ALWAYS using this app, even when I don`t think about it. I really love how user-friendly this app is. I`ve never ONCE had a problem with it.

Lightning Bug - Sleep Clock by

Lightning Bug replaced my built-in alarm and then some! I was looking into sleep aids, but even the non-plug-in version of this app is perfect for me. Now, I find I can`t sleep well without it. I have my beachy sounds playing when I`m ready to sleep, set my alarm with my chosen tone, and just set my built-in alarm as a back-up, JUST in case, because apps CAN force-close (though, it`s only happened ONCE to me). I use this app EVERY night, without fail. You can customize it to look just the way you find most attractive, and even decide whether to show the local weather on it or not. BEST app I have downloaded EVER!

Mr. Number: Text, Call & Block by Mr. Number:

Mr Number even identifies text messages I get that are not rom people I already have added to my contact list. it alerts me when I`m receiving spam phone calls, and then allows me to block them in the app, rather than going through the trouble of going through my network provider. Now, you can even do all of your text messaging from it! it`s really nice to have installed onto your device.

MyMajors by Moblico:

For those students (or students-to-be) who aren`t 100% sure about what they want to do in school (like me). You can even take a quiz and it will suggest potential fields for you to go into based on those results (so try REALLY hard to answer honestly). It also lets you browse majors and explains them, in detail, everything from what that field IS, to salaries of people who go into that field. I have found it to be ridiculously helpful and it really has taken away a lot of the stress I was experiencing while trying to decide what to do. This app is so complete that it even suggests schools for you to attend! I`m in love with it!

textPlus Free Text + Calls by GOGII, Inc.:

Need an anonymous number for a phone call? this is your ticket. you can send and receive both phone calls and text messages with this app, so if you`re not too thrilled about handing over your real phone number to someone, install this app, and you`re all set. It has come in handy more than once for me, for sure.

The Weather Channel by The Weather Channel:

Call me biased, but I love The Weather Channel. I find it to be VERY user-friendly and it`s detailed in the way I prefer. It shows me humidity level without me having to go looking for it, which, in Houston, is really important for me to know. I find the UI to be very attractive, as well, so it`s just the best weather app for me. I use it nearly every day (and regret it on days when I don`t). Definitely worth an install.

TweetCaster for Twitter by OneLouder Apps:

If you`re looking for a good one-stop facebook, twitter, and any of the multiple accounts you may have on these sites, this is the one I`ve found to be the most user-friendly! It has an attractive UI and the widget makes it super simple to post to your multiple accounts.

Wind-up Knight by Robot Invader:

This has been my favorite game, HANDS DOWN. I have absolutely adored every level (except for the last one, which was RIDICULOUS). I am REALLY looking forward to seeing more apps from this developer. The graphics are really nice, and other than the occasional bug, runs very seamlessly.

Zillow Real Estate & Rentals by

Hoping to move? No time between work and home life? This is definitely the way to look at what homes are available, both for sale and for rent, when you only have a few minutes when you`re out for lunch. It has homes at every price-range in all parts of the country. My favorite way to browse what homes are available in my area.

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